Business Intelligence

Provides 360 degree view of the business

Retail businesses capture a lot of data from multiple sources: purchase transactions, CRM data and customer loyalty programs, but it only helps when it is interpreted correctly and availed to the stakeholders.

Make sense of your retail data with CORE Business Intelligence (BI). The retail BI tool monitors every transaction data and turns it into profitable customer or business insights – necessary components in making smarter, better decisions that drive results.

Top 3 game changing questions answered by CORE BI tool:

  • How Can We Identify Trends in Customer Preferences?
  • How Can We Optimize Sales Performance?
  • Which Products Sell Better Online versus Offline?


CORE Business Intelligence allows stakeholders to leverage the data and help organizations find timely, informed answers to any question. Powerful dashboards and data analytics transform your company’s information into easy-to-understand reports designed to improve productivity, boost cost-efficiency, optimize revenue, monitor trends, forecast new opportunities, and fortify client relationships.

  • Access your dashboards from anywhere: web page or mobile device
  • A single, integrated platform pulls together applications and reporting to provide a detailed snapshot of your organization
  • Comprehensive BI tools inform and inspire better decisions across your organization
  • Interactive dashboards make reporting and data visualization simple

Key benefits for using CORE Business Intelligence


Helps companies gain perspective on their business operations


Monitor Data and make decisions for the business growth


Reports can be scheduled and emailed to the stakeholders

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