Promotion Management

Drive Sales and Improves Margins

Our solution makes trade promotions easy to manage by introducing collaborative and intuitive features that allow sharing of data, forecasting and reporting. With CORE Promotion Management, you benefit from better control on offers, flexible pricing and analytics on the perfomance of the promotion.

Trade promotion activities management is a complex process. You want to ensure your promotions are structured properly and reviewed appropriately. Its’ intent realized, and its weaknesses recognized and corrected. Our Promotions management software makes promotions easy to create, with collaborative and intuitive features that make searching of best products to promote, forecasting the outcome and analysing the outcome easy and productive.

CORE Retail connects all your people, processes, and promotions on one platform.  The solution streamlines the promotions lifecycle process from financial planning and forecasting through to evaluating their effectiveness. The result is promotions that attract new and existing customers, accelerate buying decisions, increase revenues, move excess inventory and reduce marketing costs.


Why Promotions Are Vital
to Retailers

  • Better control on Offers
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Analyse Increase in Sale and uptake of promotion

of shoppers say that promotions are an important part of their buying decision.


of promotions don’t break even despite their popularity


of promotions generate no noticeable lift in sales—or, worse, have a negative impact.


Of promotions dilute margins in that they don’t generate an increase in sales sufficient to offset promotion cost

Source: The Boston Consulting Group

Reach Full Control of Your Promotions One Step at a Time

To help retailers run fewer, more effective promotions, CORE Retail Promotions solution gives you the power to easily and accurately plan successful future promotions, incorporate their impact into the overall retail planning process, and evaluate their effectiveness



  • Buy X product, get Y product free
  • Buy X product, get Y discount amount
  • Buy X product, get Y discount percentage
  • Buy X product, get Y Coupon amount
  • Buy worth X amount, get Y discount amount
  • Buy worth X amount, get Y discount percentage
  • Buy X product, get Y raffle ticket
  • Buy worth X amount, get Y raffle ticket

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