eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) Solution

Meet regulatory challenges with COMPAS eKYC

Validating your customers in person can be time consuming, inefficient and costly. Our eKYC – Electronic Know Your Customer – automates Identification and Verification process of new customers using ID documents (ID Card, Passport or Driving License) and the person behind it which enables safe and secure transactions.
COMPAS e-KYC solution centralizes and simplifies the customer due diligence process, reducing costs, customer touch points and overall duration – increasing efficiencies by over 60% across the board

Top 3 Reasons to Trust COMPAS eKYC When Identity Matters

  • Ensure your customers are who they say they are with unrivaled verification accuracy and a seamless customer experience.
  • Prevent account takeover and online fraud with our industry-leading ID, document, and identity verification solutions.
  • Comply with regulations and directives including AML and KYC with a solution that spans international borders and ID types.
Optimize Conversion
Deter & Reduce Identity Fraud
Meet Compliance Requirements


COMPAS ID Verification easily integrates into your existing workflows to instantly verify users through a simple API call.

Identity Channels

  • Smartcard & Pin
  • USB token
  • Iris
  • Fingerprint
  • Face
  • Wearable technology


How COMPAS eKYC Solution Makes It Easy to Know Your Customer

  • Enhance KYC with Fingerprints – Take your KYC process beyond the physical world to include both the visible and hidden online presence of your customers
  • Improve Confidence Through Online Validation – Substantiate your existing KYC findings with data points found in the online realm
  • Save Money by Introducing Automation to Your KYC Data Collection – Stay updated on risks with on-demand reporting and monitoring to help streamline your decision-making process
  • Complement Your Existing KYC Infrastructure – Integrate our API-based query tool with your existing processes with little overhead and immediate time-to-market to help increase ROI
  • Keeps Banks Compliant by locking out risky customers whilst providing quick access to legitimate users; ensuring KYC and AML compliance.

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