COMPAS- Revenue Collection

Our COMPAS- Revenue Collection Solution can be used  by various government bodies that collect revenues for services rendered such as business permits, market fees, advertising fees, parking, among others. This mobile/tablet/POS-based solution ties to a back-end system and helps to curb fraudulent leakages by providing a real-time dashboard analysis of every transaction from every configured revenue stream and…


COMPAS(CompuLynx Mobile Payment and Authentication Services)is a Multi Program, Multi Payment Channel and Multi Authentication platform that allows Humanitarian Aid Agencies to perform various Donor funded Programs and interventions i.e. Cash Transfer, Cash disbursement, Cash for Work, Cash Plus, Food Voucher, Food Value Voucher, through one single platform. The idea is to bring complete Transparency,…


Equip your bank with the ability to issue Debit / Credit cards instantly to your customers at the branch level. Engage your customers in an innovative way to drive activation and card usage rates up by offering them the convenience of getting their cards in an matter of minutes from any branch.  


Digitize your KYC & account opening forms for any bank or insurance company and make them mobile. Our eAgent solution allows your agents to open accounts in the field in real time or batch mode and allows for the capture of KYC data with scanning of documents and capture of biometrics.


COMPAS-Identification is a solution that adds a secure layer to the bank’s Know Your Customer process. It uses biometrics backed by a powerful engine to curb fraud based on Identity Theft to secure account holders. The solution is integrated with the bank’s Core Banking System (CBS) and takes over all authentication used in the CBS…