Gift Voucher

Gifts that Your Customers can offer to their loved ones

The Gift Voucher feature in CORE platform allows you to create and sell your own custom Gift vouchers, with your style and brand, that customers can then redeem in-store and online.

From the introduction of a voucher till the usage, the system tracks all the movements. Validation of voucher amount and expiry is also included at the time of redemption/usage thus making it a complete foolproof system.

Why should you implement gift vouchers?

  • Better offering to undecided customer (especially who wants to gift their loved ones)
  • Better control on the collections
  • No 3rd party Commission
  • Allows retailer to create its own pre-paid system
Increase Turnover
Increase Gross Margin
Brings in new customers

Implementing CORE Gift Voucher is as simple and easy as:

1. Acquire the customized gift cards
2. Input the card information in POS
3. Market gift card option to customers
4. Achieve the rewards of gift cards for your customers

CORE will take care of the rest

The program automatically saves the card’s status, value and information into CORE system, under “Inventory – Gift Cards”.When the person who received the gift card comes to the store and pays with the voucher, the program deducts the necessary amount. If the bill amounts to less than the card’s value, there is available balance left that can be easily found and checked later on as well.POS also keeps an eye on the gift card’s validity.


  • Allows to sell from any outlet
  • Allows to record collection at POS
  • Allows to print voucher of any denomination
  • Allows to print personalize message on the voucher
  • Allows to set flexible expiry on the voucher

Ready to Experience the Difference with CORE Gift Voucher?

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