Mobility Solutions

Remain Competitive and Keep Operational Processes Moving Smoothly

Looking for mobile technology to increase efficiency and quality of processes along the entire value chain and ease management reporting? CompuLynx range of Mobility solutions from Datalogic combines Mobile applications and wireless technology that mobilize inventory storage and handling, optimizing the use of warehouse space and improving employee efficiency.

Key Benefits of Mobility Solutions for Your Business

Mobility solution from Datalogic will help your retail, manufacturing, healthcare, or transport and logistics business in:

  • Daily route planning
  • Delivery updates
  • Receivables
  • GPS mapping and tracking of Stock Quantities
  • Order entry and invoice confirmations
  • Easing of Procurement and Distribution process
  • Quick Access to Supplies in the Warehouse
  • Time efficient Distribution of goods to the respective Customers, Stores, Depots, Branches and to Warehouse.
  • Accuracy, Visibility, Automation and Quick Return on Warehousing investments.

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