Agency Banking Solution

More Accessible, More Flexible, Banking Services Outside Your Branch

COMPAS Agency Banking offers an Alternative Channel for banks or insurance firms to effectively take their branch directly to customers and provide services at their doorsteps through a cost-effective network of agent and self-service banking services.

The COMPAS Agency portal enables banks and agents to perform transactions such as: new customer acquisition, account opening, Deposits, Withdrawals, loan application and Repayment Collection and much more, remotely. The Agency Banking solution utilises multiple delivery channels (Mobile phones or Tablets, POS Machines or Micro ATM Devices), seamlessly integrated to the Bank’s CBS, to enable you to provide your customers with the most appropriate banking services.


Key Features

  • Agent Management
  • Account Management
  • Transaction Processing
  • Transaction Limit Management
  • Transaction Settlement
  • Transaction Charges & Commission Management
  • Transactions Reconciliation Module
  • Online/Automated Transaction Posting to Core Banking System
  • Client Transaction Limit & Daily Limit Management
  • Management of Agent & Sub-agent Accounts
  • Making Deposits
  • Airtime Top-up
  • Bill Payments
  • Loan Applications
  • Remote Account Opening
  • Management of agent accounts
  • Agent float management
  • Commission Management
  • Structured Reporting

Solution Advantages

  1. Delivers financial inclusion to unbanked customers
  2. More flexible services to existing customers who do not have the time or the means to travel to their local branch
  3. Reduce Operational Costs
  4. Increase revenue Streams
  5. Increasing the security by reducing cash transactions
  6. Improved Customer Experience
  7. Convenient and real-time transactions connected to bank switch
  8. Affordable transaction cos
  9. Services such as savings, loans, remittances etc.
  10. Increase Customer Acquisition
  11. Flexible, expandable access points by agent network
  12. Seamless Channel Integration

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