Unlock Your Business Revenue Potential with COMPAS eRevenue

COMPAS e- Revenue all in one integrated revenue collection and management system offering efficient Cash or Cashless Revenue collection for services such as: business permits, land rates, market fees, advertising and parking fees using cards, mobile money or cash.

Top Gains of Using COMPAS eRevenue Collection

COMPAS eRevenue system is trusted by several County Governments and Government revenue collecting Bodies every day for efficient, fast and effective collection method; whilst it provides various other benefits and the user experiences a much more efficient and secure revenue management system where more is collected and accounted for at fewer costs.

Increased revenue generation
Shared information between Central and county government activities
Great customer convenience and experience

Benefits of COMPAS eRevenue for Your Organization

  1. Accountability of funds collected by eliminating manual receipting which leaves room for errors and omissions which sometimes can cause loss of cash collected or miscalculation of balances.
  2. Reduced Costs through electronic or issuing of printed and/or sms receipts which are more credible and lower in cost than paper printed receipts issued in the past.
  3. Speedy transactions enabling business continuity for the residents by removal of long time-consuming queues at payment offices
  4. Convenient and Easy access to payment options for businesses from anywhere anytime without having to go to a centralized office.
  5. Enables quick and informed decision making using tailored reports and business intelligence so as to plan and better serve your clients

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