Digital Onboarding Solution

Delight Your Customers with Faster Onboarding – Cost Effectively

Digitizing customer on-boarding processes enables banks to future proof their operations and remain competitive in a crowded market. CompuLynx Digital Onboarding Solution enables banks and financial institutions to provide a new and personalized customer experience by simplifying the access to financial services while reducing processing time and costs due to optimized processes.

Top Challenges Addressed by COMPAS Customer Onboarding Solution

  • Eliminates manual, paper based application process
  • Quickens the onboarding time
  • Reduces the cost of acquiring new customers drastically
  • Reduces customer abandonment
Saves Time & Money
Validates Critical Info Upfront
Reduces Customer Acquisition Cost
Empowers User Self-Service

Steps to Successfully Combat Identity Fraud using COMPAS Onboarding Solution

  1. Validate the customer’s government issued ID and documents
  2. Take a picture and finger print of the customer
  3. Determine facial liveness using IDLive Face — is the selfie a real person or a spoofed presentation using an image, cut out, video or mask?
  4. If liveness is verified, validate that the person pictured in the ID is a match with the person presenting the documents

Trusted by Top Players in The Banking Financial Services

Key Features

  • Automated OCR – ID data extraction with high accuracy even with low-quality ID pictures. Error-tolerant.
  • Easy Integration – Ready to use toolkit. Pick only the functions you need.
  • Unique Liveness Detection – User-friendly anti-spoofing technology. Works on any mobile phone.
  • Web editor for ID templates – Quick and easy addition of any ID document type using only a small number of ID samples.
  • Facial Authentication – Selfie login and data protection based on continuous identity verification.
  • Security – Server based biometric identification.

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