Biometric Authentication

Surprisingly effortless. Significantly more secure.

Our solution combines market-leading technology with advances in AI to deliver fingerprint, face and iris recognition biometric authentication software. It works with digital and traditional interaction channels, IoT devices, embedded hardware and more.

The solution authenticates transactions at Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), Core Banking System, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Auto Branches, offering customers more secure cash withdrawals and deposits without using cards or PIN codes. It also offers additional security feature for traditional card and PIN based EMV transactions using two factor authentication. Encrypted biometric templates are stored safely inside the bank’s secure environment in a central server or on a suitable smart card.

COMPAS Biometric Authentication Applications:

Biometric Branches
Authenticating Digital Signatures (Biometric PKI)
Mobile Advisor
Internal Security

Top Four Gains Achieved Using COMPAS Biometrics Based Authentication

  1. Improve customer experience, speed up the time taken to process transactions, no need to remember PIN codes, new possibilities for card-less transactions.
  2. Offer a better transaction package to customers based on a more secure process.
  3. Increased level of security of transactions via strong authentication peace of mind for customers and improved controls within the bank.
  4. Improve the internal processes within the bank reach digitization targets, reduce the costs and complexities of paper handling, free up time for staff to consult with customers and drive sales.

Key Features That Make Customer
Authentication Easier Using Biometrics

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