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VOWEL ( Visitors’ Official Welcome) is a mobile and web-based application that provides comprehensive visitor registration, tracking, reporting, and access control integration to effectively and efficiently track visitors in commercial and residential premises.

Streamline Your visitor enrolment process and user experience

The system scans and extracts the visitors’ details from National ID, Passport automatically, and easily captures additional information about the visitors in the smart user interface electronically for future reference. It allows centralized management of multiple locations and pre-booking of visitors and appointments.

Top Reasons to Trust
VOWEL for Your Visitors’ Welcome

  • Make a Better First Impression
    Upgrade your Front Desk with modern sign in and custom branding – and leave your visitors with a polished, professional first impression 
  • Enhance Security of your work place and residential complex Your front desk is your first line of defense against unwanted visitors, so it’s important to know who is who inside the premise, when and why 
  • Streamline Visitor Log In You no longer need to print and files paper documents, handwrite badges or message employees when their guest arrive 
  • Meet Complete Compliance needs There’s a lot to focus on when you’re working to stay compliant. Let COMPAS eVisitor Management take care of the visitor-related requirements

VOWEL Solution Features

ID Scan and Verification for Walk-in Visitors
Authenticate government-issued ID with scanning technology.

Custom Branding
Show case your logo and branding for a polished, professional look.

Pre-registration for Guest Visitors
Pre-registration option for Guest visitors or VIPs to ease their verification process during arrival.

Block-Listed Visitors
System allows to tag any visitor as block-listed visitor who are not allowed to enter into the premise in the future check-in process.

Sensitive Data Encryption
All data on the web and mobile is encrypted to protect visitors’ sensitive information like National ID No & Passport No.

Visitors Photos
Capturing photos allows you to see who’s in the building and who to look out for.

Host In-App Notifications
Automatic in-app Notifications to employees save you time and decrease wait times for visitors.

Flagged Visitors
The system allows tagging any visitor who is overstaying in the building or premise than the stipulated time period.

Distinct Data Management allows
Tagging any visitor as Frequent visitors or black & white listed visitors.

Digital Visitor Log
Digital records for current, expected, exited visitors are stored securely on the portal and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Experience the difference with COMPAS eVisitors Management

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