Financial Instant Issuance Solution

Issue Cards Instantly and Activate them on the Spot

Our Instant card issuance services allows financial institutions to issue customers with new or replacement debit or credit cards instantly, in branch locations. Compulynx InstaPrint provides seamless card program management including instant issue hardware and software, consumables and central issuance.

The Immediate Service Customers Expect

Instead of waiting days or weeks for a card to arrive in the mail, this solution allows an account holder to walk into a branch and leave minutes later with a custom-designed, fully functional debit or credit card

Instant Account
Linking ( 3 step
person process )

1. Get blank card stock
2. Pre-Printing of PAN
3. Personalisation for the Account holder

Instant Card
Issuance (2 step
person process)

1. Get blank card stock
2. Personalisation for the Account holder

Solution Advantages

  • Increases card usage and activation (we understand that in Kenya cards issued but not picked up or activated is a major concern).
  • Increases interchange revenue and activation rates
  • (Source: Visa Instant Issuance White Paper)
  • Increases customer service and satisfaction with “on-the-spot” issuance
  • Enables customers to select PINs as cards are issued; no PIN mailers required
  • Guarantees secure card delivery while eliminating postal/courier fees
  • Replaces lost, stolen or damaged cards at the branch or from a central location
  • Creates differentiation in the Bank’s offering to its customers – attracting new customers and retaining current ones.
  • Activate cards instantly/automatically

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