Inventory Management

Less stress, more productivity.

You can’t optimize spend if you don’t use the inventory that’s on hand. CORE Inventory provides your organizationwith real-time visibility into inventory availability, reducingredundant and wasteful spend.

Improve Your Inventory Management to Spend Smarter

  • CORE inventory management solutions eliminate overbuying and excess stock build up. Reduce repurchases and waste, trimming overall costs.
  • The system creates visibility into on-hand balances and automate inventory fulfilment with CORE inventory system.
  • Track and manage inventory levels better, replenish stock at the right time, and minimize carrying costs by reducing excess or obsolete inventory.
Central control on all SKU
Better visibility on the stocks
Central buying and distribution


  • Supports Multiple Regions and Multiple Branches and Multi Currency
  • Supports Different Pricing for same Item for Different Regions and Branches
  • Supports Multiple Tax structure on single Item
  • Supports multi form of an item (Wholesale)
  • Support decomposition of an Item
  • Allows to track Serial Number for Electronic goods
  • Allows to capture IMEI Number for mobile phones & tablets
  • Supports Multi dimensions like Size, Color etc for Apparel,Footwear & Jewellery
  • Supports Recipe Management
  • Allows to set Re-order levels
  • Performs Semi Auto Replenishment
  • Supports all transaction related Stock Movement

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