Student Identity Management

Securely verify Student ID in-Campus and Online, Control Access and Digital Payments

Deliver a trusted and convenient Digital Identity verification leveraging on Biometrics technology to perform Students ID Verification, Access management and counter fraud identity checks with COMPAS eCampus. Trusted by Colleges and universities across East Africa with nearly 170,000 students.

A Smartcard & Biometric-based solution that automates cashless payment for services rendered to students in any learning institution using one single card for multiple purposes such as bookshop, library, cafeteria, etc.

Identity Channels

Smartcard & Pin

Features – Purpose-Built for Effective Management of Student Services

Solution Advantages

  • Fast, convenient, automated and secure way to deliver services to staff and students
  • Provides Business Intelligence about students’ programs and services.
  • Accurate visibility of students and staff attendance and their movement.
  • Improved efficiency and reduced administrative workload.
  • Single card for multiple usage i.e. Identification, payments, access control & Limits spending to in-campus merchants only.
  • Eliminates danger associated with cash handling and Improves cash management.
  • Improves security and access to available services

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