CompuLynx Launches Touchless Body Thermometer to Help Curb Spread of Covid 19 virus in Public and Workplaces

CompuLynx Launches Touchless Body Thermometer to Help Curb Spread of Covid 19 virus in Public and Workplaces

CompuLynx Launches Touchless Body Thermometer to Help Curb Spread of Covid 19 virus in Public and Workplaces 1084 704 KISHAN

Nairobi, 21st July 2020: Software Development Company, CompuLynx has introduced an AI-based Face Recognition & Temperature Monitoring solution as part of its contact-less / touch-less biometric solutions to prevent Novel Coronavirus and direct contact transmission.

The New generation of body temperature detection system dubbed “e-Face”, based on AI-enabled face recognition technology identifies individuals even when wearing masks and detect their body temperature, without any physical contact.

With e-Face, Workplaces, Shopping malls, Supermarkets and Stores, Hospitals, Factories, Healthcare sites, and Education Institutions, etc., can now vet high-risk user(s) from entering their premises ensuring security for healthy individuals.

“We are very excited with the strong customer interest we are experiencing for our new Touchless Biometric solutions for identification, verification and access control,” commented Mr. Sailesh Savani, Founder CEO of CompuLynx. “With the ease on lock-downs to start businesses and economic activities, hygiene concerns for shared surfaces at both public places and workplaces continue to be stronger. Many businesses are now looking at contact-less approaches wherever they can be leveraged, especially in vetting visitors/employees accessing their premises using touchless solutions like our non-contact body thermometer e-Face,” he adds.  Businesses are very keen to implement this innovative technology to drive commercialization of AI based Face Recognition & Temperature Monitoring Machine in the East African Market.

The Face Recognition & Temperature Monitoring Machine offers many benefits as it can measure human temperature with a medical accuracy of ±0.3℃, and facial recognition simultaneously, avoids touch people by people and easy for management.  In addition, when the temperature is above safety range the device automatically sounds the alarm and not trigger the door opening signal, also capturing the head image of the individual as evidence.  Employers and premises owners have anywhere, anytime access to secure digital records for current, expected, exited employees and visitors with time stamped history and can store up to 100000 faces.

Speaking during the product launch at CompuLynx HQ office, Richard Katiwa, Director of IT Infrastructure Services at CompuLynx noted that organizations around the world are already strained with considering possibility of infected individuals coming to the workplace, stores, shopping malls, etc.  “The new temperature pass management and face recognition will enable ease of identification, avoids physical contact, and eliminate potential hotspots to spread the disease especially through existing devices like shared biometric scanners for employee / visitor identification, time and attendance, etc.” he adds.

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