Compulynx Unveils New Identity as it Embraces Cloud, E-Commerce Solutions 


Compulynx Unveils New Identity as it Embraces Cloud, E-Commerce Solutions 

Compulynx Unveils New Identity as it Embraces Cloud, E-Commerce Solutions  960 640 Admin

Tech firm proves agility as it marks 25 years of business

10, December, 2019….. Kenya’s biggest privately-owned tech firm Compulynx Ltd has diversified its offerings to include cloud-enabled applications and e-commerce solutions.

Moving the applications to the cloud means consumers, for example, retailers, cut on their costs and associated risks of having to purchase software and infrastructure beforehand, as a cloud-hosted solution is accessible just by paying a time-specific licence fee.

Compulynx is also rolling out dynamic, secure and scalable e-commerce solutions as consumers increasingly adopt the culture of ‘e-tailing” – online shopping – thanks to an expanding middle class, high Internet penetration and widespread use of mobile money platforms.

In his remarks at the unveiling of the new Brand Identity, Sailesh Savani founder and CEO of Compulynx Ltd said:

This rebranding is more about taking a fresher look at the future. To that end, we see Cloud computing and e-commerce greatly impacting  the way businesses will operate and grow in the coming years, and we at Compulynx want to be at the forefront of embracing cloud and e-commerce

As the company marks 25 years, these new cloud and e-commerce offerings signify our agility.

The e-commerce platform will complement Compulynx existing retail software solutions including the Compulynx Retail (CORE) point of sale, inventory management, loyalty management software, business intelligence, and hand-held mobile devices with functionalities such as price checker, stock count.

To give Banks an efficient way to implement secure ‘know your customer’ (KYC) procedures, Compulynx is rolling out COMPAS-e-KYC.

“It uses multi-modal biometrics backed by a powerful engine to curb fraud based on Identity theft to secure account holders. It’s simply replacing passwords and signatures with biometrics,” said Savani.

The solution is integrated with a bank’s core banking system or a company’s central system and takes over all authentication used such as user login and transaction authentication.

The Biometric enabled platform has also been successfully deployed for various NGO programs in over 10 countries across the globe whereby over 3 million beneficiaries have been disbursed benefits in a transparent and accountable manner.

Compulynx is also eying opportunities in healthcare, one of the Big 4 Agenda pillars with its Smarthealth Passport, an identity management and insurance claim management switch system for the health insurance industry.

“It provides a secure switching platform between insurance companies and medical service providers using biometrics to curb medical claim fraud emanating from Identity theft,” Savani said.

Other areas we are exploring include revenue collection for counties. Compulynx has developed this solution which comes as a mobile phone or tablet which allows revenue officers to collect and verify payment of levies, licences and fees


Editor’s Note:

About Compulynx Ltd

Compulynx was co-founded by brothers Sailesh Savani and Mehul Savani in 1994 at a time when Kenya’s IT sector was dominated by foreign firms, and has grown over the years to be ranked one of the biggest privately owned firms in Kenya.

Compulynx was ranked 16th in the 2016 edition of the Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies survey by Business Daily and KPMG.

The company has a workforce of 150 and service more than 400 customers mostly corporates and SMEs in about 36 countries. We have offices in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kampala, Dares Salaam and Dubai.

Our flagship product is our retail software suite the Compulynx Retail (CORE) point of sale.

Sailesh was named Emerging Entrepreneur Winner and Finalist of the Year 2015 by Ernst & Young.




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