5 Ways How POS System Can Help Your Retail Business

As a retailer, to reduce the waiting time and the resulting customer frustration that comes with it, you need an efficient POS system to process the customers’ items and receive payments swiftly. In addition to this, a POS system can also store customer information, scan barcodes, and update inventory.

A POS system can include a POS software installed on a secure, and efficient platform. One example is the NEXX POS hosted on the cloud that offers all the functions of POS with the robust infrastructure of the cloud.

Here are some of the features of a POS system that can help you optimize your sales process and reap profits.

1. Email Marketing

Everyone loves when special attention is given to them. The USP of brick-and-mortar retailers is the personal connection which is lacking in online retail. When you keep in touch with the customers even when they are not buying stuff from you, it makes them feel special.

A POS system can store customer details along with the order history for future reference. This is highly beneficial as you can identify the top customers and their buying trends.

You can send pre-designed emails or SMS for customers in accordance with their buying preferences. For instance, a customer that buys “Cereals” regularly from your store can be informed about the new products and discounts awaiting him/her this season.

The POS system can be integrated with email or SMS add-ons to automate the process.

2. Forecast Sales

Retailers that do not analyze and evaluate the customer trend in the previous year are unable to design an effective marketing strategy for the current year.

A POS system helps you better forecast sales; even in sudden influx of customers; during holiday seasons.  For instance, NEXX POS Online helps you to store unlimited data on the cloud so that you can compare previous year’s data combined with the latest market trends. Moreover, you can also analyze monthly trends to understand the current scenario.

3. Keep Track of Inventory

It is very tough to keep track of your inventory when the items are being sold at a progressive rate, especially during holiday seasons.

  • To replenish the stock before the items, go out of stock, you should have real-time status of the inventory.
  • You can also keep track of the best-selling products and keep extra stock for them.
  • Moreover, the owner with multiple stores should know the status of the inventory in each store.

With the help of POS cloud system, you can counter these issues.

The POS software keeps track of the inventory and notifies if the item is about to go out of stock. Hosting your POS software on the cloud enables data centralization which empowers the owner to access the real-time inventory status of all the stocks simultaneously.

4. Mobile Payment

The most frustrating aspect of going to a retail store is standing in long queues awaiting your turn. As the number of customers increases in the holiday season, the queues grow longer. It is an inconvenience both for the customers as well as the retailers not being able to process the order swiftly.

Top POS software in the market like NEXX POS offers you with multiple modes of payments like credit cards, debit cards, cash, etc. In addition to this, when you host your POS software on the cloud, you can access it from anywhere with the help of portable devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Hence, instead of making the customers wait in line, you can bring the POS software to them for faster checkout.

5. Availability

Retailers cannot afford to lose access to the POS software in the holiday season. With the customers queuing up for checkout, any glitch in the POS system can prove hazardous. The customers feeling discontented can leave without purchasing anything.

Hosting POS on the cloud can ensure total availability of the software as the cloud providers offer hardware-independent solutions and dedicated support.

Optimize your sales this year with the best tools; an efficient POS system. Choose the best POS software available in the market and host it on the cloud for a flawless checkout process leading to customer satisfaction.

By Dorcas Kinyua
Markeing Manager – CompuLynx

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