Benefits Of Using Biometrics In Educational Institutions

Schools and educational institutions have faced multiple challenges about the identification of students. They used to rely on conventional methods such as ID cards and trustworthy documents which can be lost, shared and even manipulated. Days have gone when such traditional ways were used to get a proof of identity. Biometrics in schools is changing changed the ways that were used to get identification of students. This is one of the most crucial benefits that technology has brought into our lives. A student’s identity becomes established for a lifetime after recording his/her biometrics just once. The bio identification process has saved us a lot of time and effort. Just like many other fields of life, the educational sector has started to enjoy the innumerable benefits of the modern verification system.

Let’s check out how biometrics can help make the educational Institutions process convenient;

Application Login and Access to School Online Services

If school or college records biometrics of a student at the time of admission, then his/her identity gets established for a lifespan. Educational institutions can then integrate the Biometrics database with other applications like the school management software, Cafeteria POS, Library system etc. for application login.

Access Control

The same biometric data can be useful for getting physical access to different places within the school building. For instance, it can help a student get physical access to the library and laboratory. The school management won’t have to conduct new verification process while holding an event or permitting access to specific places.

Scanners are used for verification of the biometric profiles (iris, face, fingerprint) When a suspicious individual attempt to enter the school, scanners can prevent them from doing so.


Attendance is one of the most important aspects of a student’s life. He needs to stay present at school every day to avoid problems.  Students check-in and check-out to classes can be done biometrically eliminating the daily efforts that school management put in to record the attendance of its students. It means there will not be any physical hassle, paperwork, and monthly calculations associated with the attendance process. You can get complete data of a student’s attendance just in a matter of a few clicks.

Activity Tracking

Biometrics can play a key role when it comes to talking about reporting and activity tracking. The system lets you track the participation of students in teaching and extracurricular activities. School management can have a clear record of how many students have participated in or attended an event. With biometrics, teachers can keep a record of activities and generate quick reports whenever required.


Biometric study helps educators carry on their teaching plans while minimizing cheating and security breaches. Moreover, biometrics assists in verifying online learners’ identities using facial recognition features, for instance, when Covid19 started many learning institutions were having their classes online.

Students can take their own convenience, an option that can make education more accessible for students who live in remote areas or suffer from health problems. It also provides an affordable alternative to learners who can’t move to other places in order to get their academic degrees.  Using the right software, the learner’s identity can be identified several times during the test to ensure equality of opportunities.

In conclusion, technology is facilitating human life with every passing day. Biometric verification has shown its usefulness in every field of life. Universities, Colleges, and schools can manage several aspects of students by using the true and tried methods of biometrics. It can eliminate manual work and minimize the chances of collecting incorrect data. Artificial intelligence does its work nicely by capturing student’s identity through fingerprint sensors and other similar ways. Technology implementation such a biometric verification in educational premises ensures a safe and healthy environment.

By Carolyne Rabut
Content Marketing – CompuLynx

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