CompuLynx Donates NEW Graphic Novel –Jonte to Empower Youths at Kenyatta University

CompuLynx Donates NEW Graphic Novel –Jonte to Empower Youths at Kenyatta University

CompuLynx Donates NEW Graphic Novel –Jonte to Empower Youths at Kenyatta University 1084 704 KISHAN

Nairobi, 09th June 2021 CompuLynx, a leading global systems integrator and software developer, has announced a grant of 20 copies of the first edition of Jonte Graphic Novel published by Propel Visions to Kenyatta University (KU) Libraries as part of WeCare Initiative, a CSR initiative that aims to change lives through education.  

Kenyatta University Libraries will receive 20 copies of issue #1 (One) of Jonte, Kenya’s latest vigilante superhero graphic novel.  This is in alignment with the CompuLynx WeCare CSR initiative designed to promote independent social awareness as well as active participation in community affairs.

The importance of superheroes has been highlighted by artists the world over through past Graphic Novels and comics such as Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. In times of great crisis, these super-heroes have been embraced by the public as surrogates designed to give hope that a savior is just over the horizon. Through his self-sacrificing deeds for his community in Salama, Jonte seeks to offer an alternate form of engagement while highlighting the plight of the downtrodden.

Speaking during the handover ceremony at Kenyatta University CompuLynx Director of Digital Identity Business Chaula Ganatra, noted that CompuLynx is honored to partner with Kenyatta University to provide this important and highly valued fictional information resource to the University Library which will bring core change in the intellectual development of KU students.  “Through this donation, we aim to encourage independent creativity inspired by a love of innovation and critical thinking on social challenges that the students no doubt face in their communities.  Having access to this type of content will definitely spark deep conversations among the Kenyatta University fraternity on the type of society they wish to build and this we hope will open a world of possibilities for the future,” she adds.

The initiative is CompuLynx’s Corporate Social Investment is driven by partnerships that scale results and solve global problems pertaining to the Sustainable Development Goal of Sustainable Cities and Communities. “We care deeply about the wellbeing of our communities. It is from these communities that we get our most valuable resource as an organization, human resource. We, therefore, wish to see them thrive and be all they can possibly be,” explains Ms. Chaula.

“We really look forward to receiving these books and incorporating them into our university libraries so that all students and faculty can have access to them. I have no doubt that this resource will also set the stage for Film and Theatre Arts students, fine artists, and storytellers to share with the world their thoughts, realities, and imaginations,” adds Dr. Gitau Njoroge, Chief University Librarian, Kenyatta University.

Kiboi Kuria, the creator, and writer of Jonte added, “It’s a great honor to have the graphic novel is as a prestigious an institution as Kenyatta University. This is the second major institution after the Library of Congress in the US to pick up the book and we hope more institutions will join KU in stocking this invaluable resource. “


About Jonte
Jonte is a mature novel set in the fictional peri-urban town of Salama, on the outskirts of Nairobi. It follows the perilous journey of two former bitter enemies, Michael and Dero, as they go up against well-oiled cartel machinery out to extort their community.

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