Students Identity Management: Benefits

Education institutions around East Africa face increasing difficulty with outdated student identification systems that rely on ID cards or paper documents for authentication because they remain easy to exploit by students seeking to falsify their identities. The sheer volume of students needing secure identification along with the pressure to implement systems that offer fast and accurate identification is sparking more interest in using biometrics as a unique student authentication technology.

Responding to the challenge, CompuLynx Introduces COMPAS eCampus a web-based identity management platform for schools, colleges, and universities around East Africa, to track, and identify students quickly and accurately, anywhere on campus. COMPAS eCampus accelerates operational student identity management to support free and fair access to educational resources, eliminate cheating and fraud, and support student parity across the institution.

COMPAS eCampus offers unprecedented flexibility to construct a customized student identity management system based on unique environments and conditions. Possible applications of COMPAS eCampus include identification in the following scenarios:

  • Access Control of students at the campus
  • Manage Class Attendance of students
  • Smart Card Registration for Students
  • Top up management on a smart card
  • Manage Student Library Fees using smart card
  • Manage Tuition Fees using a smart card
  • Manage Examination Fees using smart card
  • Manage University Café/Canteen bills using smart card

What is Student Identity Management? The student identity management platform allows education institutions to create a central identity across all channels through single sign-on for students and faculty. It also offers modern and robust authentication methods such as multi-factor authentication with one-time passwords or security questions and more withholding, not even trivial material.

Let’s look at three benefits of student’s identity management

  1. Reduction of Human Labor, Papers, and Workload

The cost incurred from employing staff to manage the activities of a school is an additional cost that shouldn’t be if you decide to make use of this new technology. With this student management system, your number of staff, excessive buying of writing materials will be minimal and functionality will improve. The central biometric database allows fast access to student information since admissions require 24/7 central data access.

  1. Tracking of the Students

One of the major benefits of these systems is that you can track each and everything is done by your students. This includes performance in areas such as sports and other extracurricular activities. In this day and age, where there is such great emphasis on helping students realize their true potential in life instead of toting out clones, this is a great feature to have.

  1. Saves Time of Teachers and Administrators

It saves the precious time of teachers from regular admin works. This is achieved by automating the usual time-consuming tasks like timetable creation, attendance management, parent-teacher communication, etc. Student identity management can also generate different reports that help the teachers as well as principals and saves precious time in the process. Administrators can also save time by the efficient use of modules like transportation, payslip generation, online fee collection, etc.

In conclusion, when you have high-quality and updated software it is easier to reduce your operational expenses and increase your efficiency at the same time.

By Carolyne Rabut
Content Marketing – CompuLynx

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